You can find everything i’ve built that failed here

What I am currently working on is listed below:


Yancy is an API that eliminates spam.

Yancy makes it so your developers spend time building your product. Not fighting spam.

Facebook Auto Adder

I quit Facebook. But before I did, I built software to automatically add people to my friends list. I used this to build a b2b pipeline when my startup didn’t have any money. You can view the project here. I update when needed.


MyStartupRisk is a form to determine how risky your startup is.

Leo Polovets made the questions. They can be found here. I just put them on a website I could use to evaluate ideas.

Repairing Home

This isn’t a software business but I’m currently spending a lot of time repairing my mom’s house.

Learning a lot + spending less time in front of a computer screen

Self Driving Car & Computer Vision Audit Course

Currently taking a computer vision course focused on self driving cars. Half way done.

I am interested in learning how to work with computer vision to think about applying to soccer video.

Lean Startup

I am revisiting this famous book once again now that I’ve got quite a bit more experience.

Special Ventures

This is a holding company that encompasses all projects and consulting work I do. If you’ve purchased software from me before you most likely have seen this on your credit card statement. If you haven’t, you should probably start looking at those.

I own, operate and consider purchasing small saas businesses in the b2b market through special ventures.

I am best at pre-product market fit (cc. landing the first customers, putting together the first marketing materials and going to market). You can view the special site here

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