The titles below are podcasts I try to catch every episode of.

The titles below are podcast episodes I have listened to and personally recommend.

  • Indie Hackers - Ajay Goel from Gmass
    • I most enjoyed this episode because it expressed the limitations Ajay sees on his skillset and helps you understand how he has worked around them in his career. It is an incredibly coherent thought process and sheds light into his product brain.
  • a16z - Product market sales fit
    • I enjoyed the clear layout of building a business case for your product when you’re building your go-to-market. This is a rare talk where there is deep insight and advice given on a tactical level. Too often you’re left on such a high level you can’t walk away and implement anything. This episode was the exact opposite.
  • a16z - Tesla and the nature of disruption
    • This is one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened too. The sole quote to prove it is: legacy auto manufactures org chart can be described as the buttons on your dash. I have a honda accord and there are so many buttons I can’t figure out what each ones does. Wow.
  • Founders journey - Don’t let personal health take a backseat in your company culture
    • This is a major mistake at my last startup and something I will always prioritize now. Building a business is a marathon, not a sprint. And you can’t run a marathon without being in shape. This was a major inspiration for my health page.
  • Masters of scale - Learn from every ‘no’ w Bevel razor’s Tristan Walker
    • I’ve long been a fan of Tristan. He hustled his butt off to get where he is and I respect that. I’ve listened too, and tried to stay current with his progress. A few months ago Bevel announced it had been acquired by Proctor & Gamble and at that point I knew I’d have to stop putting off checking this podcast out. I loved learning about Tristan’s eye for incredible products and his hustle in making things happen in the early days.
  • Protect the hustle - Customer research
    • Patrick Campbell + Steve Blank + Des Traynor is a trifecta of incredible minds. Everytime I listen to any of these 3 I learn a ton. I specifically loved Patrick’s insight into pricing and how to run a customer research survey.
  • This week in startups - Superhuman with Rahul Vohra
    • Rahul is a product genius. Listening to him share his insights into building the fastest email experience ever blew my mind. Speed can be a feature. A much needed feature. The most shocking statement from this interview was him personally doing 500-700 customer interviews in the year before starting Superhuman. A good reminder for those who think they can skip this step. He had already sold a company, could easily raise money and still spent that amount of time doing his diligence.

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