This is attempting to be a thorough list of everything I’ve made. I am sure some small things will get left off but for the most part this is what I’ve done that hasn’t worked.

Project Why failed
no real name - modded fire sticks didn’t initially, made money but realized was illegal and stopped
glance - video job board turns out students don’t want to make videos and recruiters have issues using video in process
glance 2.0 - ai hiring prediction software wasn’t very good and might have been illegal to use
glance 3.0 - data contact tool didn’t initially, should be a venture funded company, ultimately too expensive to operate as bootstrapped operation and stopped. Large learnings here personally. Will write about someday.
grand - 1 click SMB marketing stack didn’t initially, will revisit. just too burned out to do early stage right now. will come back too. customer validation was there though :)

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