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I got pretty burnt out late in 2018.

I was heavy in the weeds of running a digital media agency and really missed making software. I love making things and building software seems like the best way to make things in today’s world.

So, in 2019 I’ve decided to build more software. This is solely meant to get back into the swing of writing code. It’s not intended to be a real business or scalable product.

I love the entire process of learning what problems to solve, talking to potential users about why they haven’t fixed the problem yet and building MVPs.

I started to use Twitter more recently and became aware of the ‘maker’ community. These are small business entrepreneurs creating products and selling them (something only a small percentage of the entrepreneurship community does) and I became hooked!

I’ve followed the VC twitter community for awhile. Maybe 6 years. But I’ve never raised a dollar of VC and until I do, don’t quite feel at home in that group.

The maker community has been incredible. I’ve really enjoyed connecting with individuals and have been listening in, following and contributing.

One problem that consistently comes up for this group is spam. The community seems to be fighting it non stop. I haven’t been able to figure out exactly why. But, the problem is there.

People are solving these problems a variety of ways:

  • by closing their communities to free members
  • manually reviewing each post/comment
  • writing rules like delete all links that have the word porn in them

And this seems either annoying or outright frustrating depending on who you’re talking too. This felt like an entire layer that could be abstracted away from those who are managing a community. It is already hard enough to get users, get them to come back and contribute. By the time you add in half the comments being spam you are hemorrhaging engagement.

So, to fight this, everyone manually does a bunch of work and gets some variation of result.

I chose to build yancy because I want to go on awesome websites and see good comments. It is a fun project intended to solve a problem.

Not work from home 2 hours a day and make 1 million dollars a year or [INSERT SEXUALLY GRAPHIC SPAM POST HERE]

Hopefully you’ll give it a chance if you run a community and need some help keeping it high quality.

This post was last updated: Tuesday, March 10, 2020