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If you’ve read through this website you have learned I enjoy software. Working on, building and working through software problems are the most interesting challenges I work on.

One mistake I’ve made is chasing the latest tech stack and in doing so, I’ve paid a large cost in productivity. To fight this, I am standardizing my tech stack.

For all projects, unless I specifically HAVE too, I will use:

  • Python 2.7
  • Node
  • Vue
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • Docker
  • AWS
  • Route53
  • ELB
  • ECS

That is it. No more writing services in Ruby and then rewriting a week later because I am frustrated. No more dabbling in golang and pulling my hair out.

If you actually followed along above you’ll recognize I didn’t include a UI stack. That is because I don’t currently have one.

The last full fledged UI I built out (glance search console) was on angularjs 1.x. I am very proficient with angular but it seems to be dying and the entire product is drastically different than the version I was comfortable with.

So, one task I am working on, is learning either VueJS or ReactJS. I am not sure which yet. But I will vet them and make a decision (and stick to it!)

If you’re making software try to remind yourself your customers don’t give a shit about your stack. They just want a good product. That works. And solves their problem.

Think about that. WAY more than the latest ruby or c++ methods.

Continuing on this, other services I use that are not worth the headache of thinking about other options:

  • Google Calendar
  • Gmail
  • Stripe
  • Spotify
  • Audible

There might be better services, but the headache of switching is too much. Find some of the same for yourself and innovate on solving customers problems. Not on a slightly different calendar UI that causes you to miss a meeting.

This post was last updated: Tuesday, March 10, 2020