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E2E Platform to grow your personal finance knowledge business

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Very focused vertical SaaS for personal finance knowledge businesses. Support creators making courses, coaching and digital downloads.

Fun fact - this platform is powering (portions) of this site today! Working towards 100% 😊

Great Products Enable New Use Cases

For a product to be durable, and ultimately support a company around it, the product should enable new and interesting features that are uniquely defensable against large competitors.

This summary is a potentially durable product, given it is serving a small niche market and creates new possibilities for that niche.

An existing provider would have to launch an entire "sub division" of their product to build a similar set of features, enabling these new "use cases" for the underserved customers.

However, there is nothing truly unique about this idea. Anyone who can execute at a high level could build this. This is an execution based business (AKA my favorite type)

Why Build This?

The creator economy is booming. Courses and coaching/consulting are really starting to scale and become viable income streams for lots of individuals.

The tooling today is built in a one size fits all fashion.

I've directly experienced this problem.

Take any sort of course from a personal finance creator online and youll see a combo of different websites, spreadsheets and video embeds.

Everything exists in a silo. Because of this, the UX is way worse than it could be.


The needs of individual creators in the personal finance space are very different. These individuals typically want to do a lot of math based calculations, and embed spreadsheets that link out of the platforms.

They upload videos, sell digital downloads using a variety of platforms (Etsy even!) and provide links to users in their courses.

Their ablility to track and update the spreadsheets are pretty limited (software has proven SaaS is a better way of delivering value to users).

Good luck setting up all of these different platforms, too.

You'll need:

  • Website
  • Membership Area
  • Cart
  • Hosted Video
  • Email Service
  • Spreasheets

You can easily spend more time setting up the tools than even making your course!

Product Possibilities

A few different scenarios immediately come to mind:

  • User goes through course, and fills out monthly budget.

    • The user should then get personalized content based on their budget!
    • The platform should enable these "forms" to be shared with the creator.
    • The data should allow "rules" to be created, that the creator can craft specific videos/content for!

Today, that information exists in a random google sheet cloned from the "Master" copy in the course. Locked away in a users personal google drive.

  • User answers cars account for 35% of budget

    • Creator should be able to serve content specifically for that section, and make the course interactive in a sense.
    • This does not exist right now, without very very technical chops.
    • Good luck getting general platforms to build such targetted features.
  • Creator wants to update the monthly budget tracker (Added a new line item!)

    • How do they do this today?
    • Email customers new copy/update link in course, hope customers move their data over?
    • There is no way to just "push" the update to the private sheets these users have created.
  • Creator wants to offer a coaching product (most do!)

    • Most offer 1:1 service via calendly/zoom
    • After scheduling / payment = form sent to collect data and know what user is looking for help with.
    • Typically an upsell after another purchase
    • Why not expose the answers from the course to drive this conversation?
  • Creator wants to charge for access to a spreadsheet?

    • This is done via platforms like gumroad / etsy today!
    • Once the download is done, the creator looses the context of what the user is doing
    • The creator could upsell or offer additional products if they had an idea of data in spreadsheet and what users are doing with it!
    • Creator could offer a 50% off 1:1 session if spreadsheet doesnt get populated after 5 logins?

How to charge?

% of sales or MRR if creator prefers. Something like 10% of sales or $200 or so a month.

Does this matter?

I am not sure yet. On a principles level, It makes sense. I am working on validating the product now.