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I try to stay super plugged into the tech community. My favorite is indiehackers because I’ve always built software the way the community does. Fast and cheap. Iterate and improve what works.

The projects below are things I’ve seen that are cool. I have no affiliation or association with. I wish I did with most :)

  1. Nextpage -
    • This product makes your site super fast for users. Ever abandon a website because it wouldn’t load? Nextpage fixes that.
  2. Transistor -
    • Ironically, I listen to Justin Jackson’s podcast about building Transistor. And I have learned a ton about the podcast industry and think they have a very unique approach going more after the B2B market. Very cool looking too. Honestly I am kind of a sucker for good design (most projects on here are beautiful)
  3. Authmagic -
    • No idea if this can be a real business but its cool and makes rolling your own auth obsolete. Privacy concerns with this + some product questions I have (do I really want users to leave my app to check their email to get a magic link) but those can probably be solved.
  4. Image Charts -
    • Honestly, I have spent a ton of time making charts work. I always rolled my own with AngularJS but this is an interesting approach. Wonder if they have an API to make it easy to pass live data in. Either way, this would have saved me a bunch of time.
  5. Cleanmock -
    • This product makes it easy to prototype your mobile products. Save a ton of time by using their browser based design tool. Honestly, I suck at design and am planning on using this for my next app.
  6. BurnerMail -
    • I sought out a product like this just so I could BLOCK facebook from my inbox. I recently changed email addresses (to much spam) and am now obsessed. I wish there was an all encompassing version where my entire online identity was a burner system. Phone, Text, Email you name it. #nospam.

Others I haven’t yet written about but look sweet are: Emporter, Podlink, Stackmash and Healthchecks.io