Template README

I write a lot of software. I typically create small repos for these projects. I have found myself reinventing the wheel over and over on README structure and have decided to fix it. [Read More]

Cutting my teeth on Terraform

Recently had a conversation with a few engineers from a large scale tech company. While talking it was brought to my attention that they use Terraform to make AWS less miserable. As someone who as always been miserable using AWS I got really excited. [Read More]

Product Manager Things

I have spent some time studying and improving my skillset as a PM. I have previously written about products, mistakes I’ve made and results from these mistakes but have never written explicitly about specific skills. [Read More]

Upcoming projects I am excited about

I try to stay super plugged into the tech community. My favorite is indiehackers because I’ve always built software the way the community does. Fast and cheap. Iterate and improve what works. [Read More]

7 Questions A Business Must Answer

I have been slowly thinking through, and invalidating assumptions since December. I recently read Peter Thiels book Zero to One and found a great series of questions which are important to think through. I have listed them below, in an easy to follow way so I can reference back. [Read More]

Customer Development

I’ve been thinking through ideas, doing some customer discovery and considering purchasing existing SaaS businesses. In doing so, there have been quite a few learnings and this is my space to share those. [Read More]

Evaluate your startup risks

I gave myself 4 hours. Could I take an online resource and transform it into a dynamic report that tells you how risky your startup is? Yes. [Read More]

The ideal b2b startup accelerator

I’ve thought a lot about the best ways to incubate b2b software businesses and I’ve come to a 9 month 3 stage program. I shared the basics on twitter but this post goes more in depth about why I set it up this way. [Read More]

New bash commands I am using

I write code almost daily. Little apps. Fun projects. Things for actual business purposes. I recently learned how to automate things via bash scripts. They’re simple. I just had never explored them. Below you’ll find two I am using daily. [Read More]

Becoming a T

Develop yourself professionally so that you are a T. Deep knowledge inside of one plain and broad knowledge across a variety of complimentary fields. Things like, become an excellent software developer with a broad understanding of sales, marketing, recruiting and more. [Read More]

Stop resisting sales

Sales doesn’t have to suck. If you taught yourself to code or have ever learned on your own you can learn the basics of sales. [Read More]

What tech stack I use

If you’ve read through this website you have learned I enjoy software. Working on, building and working through software problems are the most interesting challenges I work on. [Read More]