My name is Kameron Kales. I build and sell software.

  • Decently capable in Python & Javascript. Front and backend.
  • Interested in solving problems that are both frequent and very painful.
  • Can fill holes in businesses as needed. Sometimes I hop in and do marketing, others sales. Sometimes I even write code.

To see what i’m up to right now, go Here

What else you might want to know?

my history

This could be very long. But the tl;dr is I went to college and wanted to go to law school after. Sometime in school I discovered software and have been hooked ever since.

I like to read or run when I am not working. My favorite book ever is Black Swan by Nassim Taleb. A close second is Shoe Dog by Phil Knight.

I played soccer as a kid, went to odyssey of the mind world championship twice (5th and 9th in the world), studied economics while holding almost every leadership position possible and started first business at 21.

I’ve dated my best friend Emma for the last 6 years. We live in Chapel Hill, NC.

my long term goals

I want to be present in my relationships daily.

I want to travel the world.

I want to work out 5 days a week. Track my progress here

I want to start a software company in Charlotte, NC that goes public.

my short term goals

I want to complete moving to Charlotte with Emma.

I want to run 3 days a week. Track my progress here

I want to loose 10 pounds. Track my progress here

I want to grow a new side project to $5,000 MRR.

fields I am most interested in

small saas businesses, dogs, ai and machine learning

problems I am thinking about

why its so hard to get back into a rhythm after being interrupted at work (coding, sales, design).

why everyone wants to read but doesn’t make time for it.

why all conference call software sucks (a continuation of this => why ALL international calls SUCK)

why its complex to share a computer without feeling like someone is snooping

why its so hard to learn from your soccer matches

why spam is so prevalent on my favorite websites

why some professions still use manual labor (i.e. interns) for data entry (aka my internship in finance)

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