Hey, I am Kam. Previous founder. Product over everything.

  • Currently building Omega at Jack Henry.
  • Previously built Glance for 3.5 years. You can learn more about that here
  • In a prior life, I worked in finance (before teaching myself to code).

To see what i’m up to right now, go Here


  • These days, most everything I do is in private repos. Happy to chat about anything javascript, c# or product though.
  • Github

What else you might want to know?

my background

This could be very long. But the tl;dr is I went to college and wanted to go to law school after. During school I discovered software and have been hooked ever since.

The first software I wrote was horrible. I’d like to think each product since has been better.

I like to read or run when I am not working. Often times, read while running (with Audible). My favorite book ever is Black Swan by Nassim Taleb. A close second is Shoe Dog by Phil Knight.

You can check out the books I am most excited about here

I played soccer as a kid, went to odyssey of the mind world championship twice (5th and 9th in the world), studied economics and started first business at 21.

I’ve dated my best friend Emma for the last 7 years. She just finished nursing school at UNC and will be starting at CMC Main in August. We will both be full time Charlotte residents in July.


Languages: Javscript and Python

Frameworks: Node.js, Flask, TailwindCSS, AngularJS, Angular Material, Vue.js, Express.JS

Tools: Github, Postman, Slack, Bash, AWS, DigitalOcean, Zeit, Curl, Sketch, VS Code, Zoom, Rescuetime, PG Admin, Robo 3t

fields I am most interested in

small saas businesses, chrome extensions, and scalable microservices.

problems I am thinking about

local email

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