The ideal b2b startup accelerator

I’ve thought a lot about the best ways to incubate b2b software businesses and I’ve come to a 9 month 3 stage program. I shared the basics on twitter but this post goes more in depth about why I set it up this way. [Read More]

New bash commands I am using

I write code almost daily. Little apps. Fun projects. Things for actual business purposes. I recently learned how to automate things via bash scripts. They’re simple. I just had never explored them. Below you’ll find two I am using daily. [Read More]

Becoming a T

Develop yourself professionally so that you are a T. Deep knowledge inside of one plain and broad knowledge across a variety of complimentary fields. Things like, become an excellent software developer with a broad understanding of sales, marketing, recruiting and more. [Read More]

Stop resisting sales

Sales doesn’t have to suck. If you taught yourself to code or have ever learned on your own you can learn the basics of sales. [Read More]