Product Manager Things

I have spent some time studying and improving my skillset as a PM. I have previously written about products, mistakes I’ve made and results from these mistakes but have never written explicitly about specific skills. [Read More]

Upcoming projects I am excited about

I try to stay super plugged into the tech community. My favorite is indiehackers because I’ve always built software the way the community does. Fast and cheap. Iterate and improve what works. [Read More]

7 Questions A Business Must Answer

I have been slowly thinking through, and invalidating assumptions since December. I recently read Peter Thiels book Zero to One and found a great series of questions which are important to think through. I have listed them below, in an easy to follow way so I can reference back. [Read More]

Customer Development

I’ve been thinking through ideas, doing some customer discovery and considering purchasing existing SaaS businesses. In doing so, there have been quite a few learnings and this is my space to share those. [Read More]